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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie gg244
Release Year: 2017
Note: third album (1982) from this French band that still sound unpredictable and unusual today, leaving behind all conventional strucutures... - " a surreal and often densely layered release, that drifts from and blends together modern classical composition, quirky electronics, avant jazz and rock, and layers of radiophonic elements."
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" À Travail Égal Salaire Égal was Un Drame Musical Instantané's third album, originally released in 1982 on the group's own GRRR label. Since its creation in 1976, featuring Jean-Jacques Birgé, Bernard Vitet and Francis Gorgé, the group has decided to promote collective musical creation, co-signing their albums, which they consider as artworks in themselves, or their live shows which they try to renew every time they play. Un Drame borrowed their sources from rock (synthetizer player Birgé and guitarist Gorgé, both authors of the album, Défense de); jazz (trumpeter Vitet who founded the first free jazz band in France, together with François Tusques, as well as Michel Portal who played with many American and European jazzmen); classical modern music; as well as movies or world news; they were the first in France to give a new impetus to live music on silent films. Birgé and Gorgé also recorded a duo album that was mentioned on the infamous Nurse With Wound list, Défense De. On À Travail Égal Salaire Égal, you will hear their wild mix of styles, a very original, unclassifiable, inventive music, which drifts from jazz to electronic music and contemporary music. Remastered in 2016 and with a lot of bonus material. Track list: 1. On Tourne 2. Crimes Parfaits 3. Pourquoi La Nuit? 4. La Preuve Par Le Grand Huit 5. La Preuve Par le Grand Huit, One Year Later." [label info]