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Bitter Lemons mCD-R Taalem alm 18 oldest available release by the South African / Japanese mystery collective, these two tracks are of a rough / scraping / low fi ambient noise nature (sound objects are used and abused), with droning synth electronics and occasional spoken word elements, somehow eerie & surreal and trance-inducing... back in stock! 2004 €5.50
Heavy Metal Drones 10inch + CDR Smeerlappen back in stock this clear coloured ELLENDE 10" + long play CDR (different material) and extensive booklet containing obscure photo collages and texts, combined with the piercing, pulsating, overtuning analog drones on the record (between cosmic beauty and experimental sharpness) a most remarkable, surrealistic impression is made... - ' "A manifesto with quite a lot, artistic nudes and deep profound writings that might change your life"; numbered ed. 300 copies, Japan import 2011 €19.50
Odyssey, A Sentimental Journey BOOK + 2 x 10inch Smeerlappen - SMEERLAP 2 collector's item: impressive art-book (38 pages) and two 10" vinyls with four sides of dark nostalgic, acoustic / improv drone pieces by the mysterious South African art collective (residing in Tokyo), recorded in Cape Town 2018; the text in the book is centered about the odd sexual experiences of founding member Wim Bontjes with "Geishas" in Japan in the 90's, accomponied by "women's death-masks-like faces" graphics... beautiful and disturbing at the same time! ; numbered ed. of 300 copies, Japan import 2019 €38.00
Unintentional Consequences 10inch Smeerlappen - SMEERLAP 3 the second part of the trilogy that started with "Odyssey", again centered around an autobiographical text about strange experiences made in Cape Town, South Africa, in the 1970's... => multilayered, dusty, nostalgic ambience, full of warmth and melancholy... comes with excellent, somehow surrealistic / disturbing artwork (with printed stones on the sleeves, covering images of female dummy heads on the cover, with great effect), gatefold cover, 12 page booklet, lim. 150; excellent release again! 2021 €18.00
HALLO KAPTEIN mCD-R Smeerlappen - SMEERLAP ETERNALLY ILLUSIVE DRONESOUP - another exceptional, highly unexpectable release by ELLENDE - this has more the form of an experimental collage, with dozens of hypnotic layers of found sounds they collected in a database starting already in the early 2000's, this extreme "overdubbing" concept lead to this release which was recorded & mixed already 2010/2011... it sounds pretty musical with sounds connected that you would normally not place together.. - lim. 25 copies only, with 20 page booklet in 5" case 2022 €9.50
This is My Song MC Smeerlappen - SMEERLAP 009 a very sensitive new 4-track tape by the South African / Japanese project with dutch roots, dealing with the shortness of "things" (life, relationships, etc.) and the ideal length => slowly moving ultra melancholic drone breezes, filled with emotions about loss and transitoriness that give deep consolation at the same time... - cassette ed. lim. 30 copies! - "And that's what great music should do: bring light and joy in a dark world." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2024 €9.50