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ELLENDE - This is My Song

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Smeerlappen - SMEERLAP 009
Release Year: 2024
Note: after the great St. Tropez tape here's another limited cassette of ultra melancholia synth / guitar / piano ambience fields, filled with emotions about loss and transitoriness...4 tracks C-20 only 30 copies made ! - "And that's what great music should do: bring light and joy in a dark world." [FdW/Vital Weekly]
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"Robert Wyatt once mentioned that he preferred short albums. Wim said he wanted a short life. Kobus spoke about having the shortest relationship ever. We think that giving the attention span, even before the ultra-short Instagram reel moments, for music between 20 to 25 minutes for an album is ideal. Wim argued that life should not go beyond forty. I uselessly argued with him about this and he never made it to forty. If you can even talk about this, Kobus had relationships that lasted less than half a day. And what to say about David? The Fever took him away from us, quite soon Ellende will be nothing but dust in the wind."

"Albums by the South African/Japanese group Ellende (meaning 'misery' in Dutch) are usually short, and at twenty minutes, this new cassette is no different. The album is dedicated to Kobus (1964-1999) and Dave M (1967-2021); I believe the latter was a band member who plays synth and mellotron on this album who died of 'the fever' in 2021, which I assume is Covid-19. A life cut short, another shortness. Other players play the piano, Rhodes, and guitar. I believe the exchange of sound files is how this music is made by members living some miles apart. Over the years, I became a big fan of their music, and short albums aren't my thing. I prefer the classic forty-minute albums, so all Ellende albums are too short. Mainly because they play mood music that is
atmospheric and richly textured synthesiser-based, which could easily lead up to longer tracks. With the help of carefully placed reverb, space and depth are suggested, and they are not shy about creating a rich sound. Nothing sparse but ominous, vast as space itself. Dark matter, this music, but maybe not without humour. Thanks to their song 'To All The Girls', I have that dreary Nelson song singing through my head. Go away, Willy, let me enjoy Ellende, as no matter how miserable one feels or how dark the music is, it is truly a pleasure to hear this. And that's what great music should do: bring light and joy in a dark world. Did I already mention that this album is way too short? And with my new tape deck having no auto-reverse, I dread the shortness even more." [FdW / Vital Weekly]