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Muelas CD Freak Animal Records FREAK-CD-053 extreme junk noise orgy, metallic objects drown in highly dynamic blasts of feedback.. no sign of electronic sound sources! Early album by the Finnish project.. - "Scrap metal, self build metal junk instruments, feedback, intense cut-ups. Think of KNURL, SICKNESS, K2. etc" - "loud face beating rage teamed up with sandblasted audio filth blown like a full load of coke up your ass" [Witchkuntzine] 2010 €12.00
Opium Electronics Vol. IV CD-R Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLV this Finnish experimental project loves to work with all kinds of "junk" electronics (from metal objects to old electronic devices) for these captivating ambient noise effusions, filled with micro details and a touch of mystery... "Feedbacks, Radio, Verde Electronix, Reaktor Exctraktions and Tapes"; to discover ! lim. 111 copies 2014 €8.50
Trankilo mCD Freak Animal Records FREAK-CD-091 rare 5 track EP, comes as 3" CD in oversized full color gatefold sleeve, lim. 200: "Junk Instruments, Absent Electronix, Olegtronix, Reaktor/Bronto Scorpio." - dead pigs on the cover, pig sounds on the CD and roaring low-fi thunder, rusty metallic noises, low feedbacking, pumping structures.... 20 min. playtime 2017 €7.50
Acquired Tastes / Lost Tapes 2008-2011 do-CD Freak Animal Records FA-CD-106 extreme junk and feedback harsh noise plus some more low fi ambience excursions and loops performed on "Junkstruments, Springstruments, Nonstruments & Tapes" - material for early UMPIO tape releases that were partly never realized - you can almost feel the rusty metal smell... comes with 8 page booklet, jewel-case 2019 €15.00
Molesterol CD Freak Animal Records FA-CD-123 UPSIDE DOWN CRUCIFIXION - new material (11 tracks) from the Finnish noise project, often derived from feedbacking object sounds that are turned into fast changing attacks... a mixture of HATERS and old MERZBOW ? - "Sharp, crystalline quality, yet noisy and harsh at the same time! Umpio always delivers noise that radiates energetic force..." - 6 panel digipak, somehow limited.. 2020 €12.50
Insektio CD Zhelezobeton ZHB-LXXXIV excellent album by the Finnish 'ASMR Industrial' drone noiser, pulsing electronics meet object sounds of scraping, scratching, crunching, sometimes weird fragmentations appear that confuse your perception... - "Like a heavy trip into nature, listen with one ear to the ground, how all the insects work, how temperature shifts affect the resonance of the planet, and how civilizations crumble away as only the frogs and moss will survive..." - Elektrobiologic microsonics to tape 2015-2020, CD version lim. 300 2021 €12.50