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UMPIO - Opium Electronics Vol. IV

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLV
Release Year: 2014
Note: this Finnish experimental project loves to work with all kinds of "junk" electronics (from metal objects to old electronic devices) for these captivating ambient noise effusions, filled with micro details and a touch of mystery... "Feedbacks, Radio, Verde Electronix, Reaktor Exctraktions and Tapes"; to discover ! lim. 111 copies
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"Umpio means "vacuum" in Finnish. This is a project founded by Pentti Dassum in 2006. Pentti has been playing guitar and bass in a variety of punk, death-metal, rock, jazz and experimental bands since the early 90-ies, and also has a huge sound engineering experience obtained from working within the Finnish musical underground. However in his own project Umpio he devotes attention to making sounds from metal junk, contact mics, circuit bending, various analogue and digital electronics and whatever comes in his hands, recording extraordinary material from harsh noise to hypnotic ambient.

The "Opium Electronics" falls right into the latter category. The first cassette "Opium Electronics Vol. I" was released by the Russian label Rokot in 2012, then two CD-Rs followed on Pentti's own imprint Nekorecords and now the fourth installment comes out on our label. Four tracks mold in a single sonic flow. Soft enveloping electronics that sounds like a plush cocoon wrapped around one's head. Background textures humming gently, waves of mild noises rolling softly, forefront sounds slightly scratching the ears... detachment and abstraction not providing any determined images but giving free scope to the listener's imagination." [label info]