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Agusta Lecetta, 1926 MC Voluntary Whores [8VOWHO016] 16th tape on VOLUNTARY WHORES, the label for highly obscure/innovative handmade packaging & acoustics => the author of the extreme violent & mysterious low fi horror noise which seems to document a harrowing action on this tape remains unknown, it was found on a CDR in Italy, now transfered to only 34 copies; C-25 with handpainted cardboard cover, the tape is fixed with band-aids and bandages to it and comes with an additional phiole ('suicide potion') in the bag !!! 2014 €8.00
Anastenaria do-LP KEMAA 001 "Anastenaria" is the name of a fire-walking folk dance ritual still held in some villages of Northern Greece, after hours of dancing the participants walk in trance barefoat over glowing coals... these recordings of the music and ritual were made in the village of Agia Eleni in Greece, on 20-21 May 1979; the vinyl re-issue of this rare CD-R (Edition_Zero, 2008) contains a bonus 12" with remixes by PETE SWANSON (ex YELLOW SWANS) and VATICAN SHADOW (=PRURIENT )!! Gatefold sleeve 2014 €18.50
VOLAKAS, Moments from the Festival CD-R + object Eclipsis 07 we got very few copies of this field recording album with art-object cover = a live recording of an obscure, ecstatic, pagan folk celebration ("ritual of the bell-bearers") with most extraordinary costumes that is held every year between Jan 6-8 in Northern Greece at the village of Volakas, chants, percussion, massive bell drones... - lim. 100 packed in handmade cloth bag with mounted small bell and 5 double sided postcards from the ritual 2016 €20.00