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UNKNOWN ARTIST - Anastenaria

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: KEMAA 001
Release Year: 2014
Note: "Anastenaria" is the name of a fire-walking folk dance ritual still held in some villages of Northern Greece, after hours of dancing the participants walk in trance barefoat over glowing coals... these recordings of the music and ritual were made in the village of Agia Eleni in Greece, on 20-21 May 1979; the vinyl re-issue of this rare CD-R (Edition_Zero, 2008) contains a bonus 12" with remixes by PETE SWANSON (ex YELLOW SWANS) and VATICAN SHADOW (=PRURIENT )!! Gatefold sleeve
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"Excavated from the bottomless vaults of the Greek musical heritage, the new KEMA/\ label reissues a timeless piece of Hellenic ritualism: the folk dance of ANASTENARIA. Closely affiliated to the Berceuse Heroique imprint, KEMA/\ will focus its attention to the unearthing of ageless recordings, from pagan, cult-like hymns to forgotten electronic deviations...brutally backed with a fitting series of contemporary remixes. The sounds of ANASTENARIA are hypnotic and terrifying at their most docile moments, spinning you through ten segments of circular improvisation while transporting you to those sun-beaten hills and back again - the voices of the musicians and participators themselves creating enough energy to form a captivating pull towards this compelling segment of music. On the second slab of vinyl, Hospital Recordings boss, Vatican Shadow takes the essence of the entire cut and morphs it into a ten-minute cyclone of granular drones and thorny percussion, leaving the original's prophetic instruments to wail wildly beneath the mounds of hardware mutation - a strikingly apt fit to a recording made decades before... Over on the flip, it's up to Pete Swanson to definitively derange ANASTENARIA to its fullest, leaving behind a faint glow of the original's powerful air of mysticism. Fuzzy kick drums, grainy hi-hats and an ocean of organised noise culminate into total sonic destruction, spewing out the exhausted remnants of the dance to the Gods. Beautifully packaged by Will Bankhead, this first KEMA/\ is full of rebooted sounds that will appeal to the more daring spinners out there." [label info]