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Stones Air Axioms CD Circum Disc lx005 "architectural drones" - collaboration by these two French composers working on / with the architecture of the St. Pierre's Cathedral in Poitiers, France - very abstract, amorph, at times fathomless experimental drones, using many unidentifiable sound sources & variations. great mysterious drone-muzak !! on a new label from Lille 2012 €13.00
Stones, Air, Axioms / Delme do-LP Fragment Factory FRAG43 in their ongoing "Stones, Air, Axioms" project the 2nd release (after the strong CD on Circum Discs 2012), creating a complex on-site installation for an old synagogue in Delme, France (May 2015), fitting to the religious architecture of the place: frequencies, voices in different languages, instrumental notes, rhythms and silences are blurred in ghostly resonances.. comes with luxurious cover art, extensive liner notes, lim. 300 on white vinyl 2018 €29.00