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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Circum Disc lx005
Release Year: 2012
Note: "architectural drones" - collaboration by these two French composers working on / with the architecture of the St. Pierre's Cathedral in Poitiers, France - very abstract, amorph, at times fathomless experimental drones, using many unidentifiable sound sources & variations. great mysterious drone-muzak !! on a new label from Lille
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"Stones, Air, Axioms" is a sound work based on the relationship between the architecture and acoustics of St Pierre Cathedral in Poitiers. It is articulated around informal acoustic experiments and a study of the site. It is restricted by the range of noises potentially generated by the site [label info]


"The starting point of this is quite interesting. Before electricity arrived there we were other forms of technology to communicate. Look at the architecture of churches or amphitheaters, and you can see how clever they are to resonate a message. This sound work deals with that notion: the travel of air waves through space. In the St. Pierre Cathedral in Poitiers the church organ is used, as well as white noise generator opposite (some 75 meters away) of it and microphones are used to pick those sounds moving through the cathedral. Each piece here, four in total, deals with a specific quality of the relation sound and architecture. Although I am not sure if I can fully understand the exact nature of this process, I think this is a wonderful work. It opens with 'SAA1: Air Volume', which sounds like shifting heavy objects through a heavy reverberant space, some close by and some far away. Like testing the space. In the other pieces the mood is less heavy, or better in 'SAA2: For Standing Waves' is sheer quietness, occasionally interrupted by louder sounds and occasional long form sine wave like sounds. Here 'far away' comes more in play. In 'SAA3: For Standing Waves, Disturbances', organ and sine waves move about, indeed in a somewhat more disturbing way, pleasantly forceful, which continues in the final piece. I am not sure if I learned more about the spatial quality of this particular cathedral, but I do know I heard a more than excellent CD." [FdW/Vital Weekly]