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Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems CD Cold Spring Records CSR127CD DARK TRIP MUSIC! Dark Ambient project from South America (Columbia) with an impressive album, extreme unsettling, surrealistic & intense stuff, inspired by the African DOGON tribe. A must for dark ambient fans who like it occult & apocalyptic ! Incl. booklet with extensive liner-notes 2011 €12.00
Beyond the Secret Flame (The Aiwass Manifesto) CD The Mercurius Collective TMC06 otherwordly invocations of higher powers with surrealistic / eerie dronescapes, percussive elements and subtle spoken words - when the voice becomes sound and sound becomes voice... very occult surroundings with strong atmosphere, based on the "Book of Law" by this "ritual drone" project from Colombia 2011 €12.00
Ophidian Fetish Mandala CD Noctivagant EY-003 finally in stock, the latest album by the occult droner from Colombia => like HALO MANASH or PHURPA, the music is born out of authentic rituals connecting with other "spheres", but these sounds are completely based on scratchy, homemade analogue instruments, that drone, rumble and bubble in various organic transformations, always dark but glowing and urging.... comes in oversized gatefold cover with 5 full colour postcards, numb. ed. 493 copies 2014 €13.00