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EMME YA - Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring Records CSR127CD
Release Year: 2011
Note: DARK TRIP MUSIC! Dark Ambient project from South America (Columbia) with an impressive album, extreme unsettling, surrealistic & intense stuff, inspired by the African DOGON tribe. A must for dark ambient fans who like it occult & apocalyptic ! Incl. booklet with extensive liner-notes
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"40 minutes of dense astral emanations and magickal paradigms transmitted through the ritual mantras generated by Emme Ya. Emme Yas Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems is based on the mysterious African Dogon tribe and their secret oral tradition. In the 1930s two anthropologists gained their trust enough to be told these remarkable secrets. The Dogon seemed to possess advanced astronomical knowledge beyond their means, without any instruments. They revealed that the star Sirius was orbited by the smallest and heaviest of all stars and drew its elliptical orbit, which spans 50 years. This white dwarf (Sirius B) is so invisible that the first image was only obtained by scientists in 1970. But the Dogon also told of a third star in the system named Emme Ya (now Sirius C). This was only discovered in 1995 and only with the use of advanced infrared imaging. The Dogon say that their information was given to their ancestors through contact with beings from the star system of Sirius, calling these beings Nommos or the monitors of the universe." [label info]


"Next album moves into others sound spheres but sticks to the atmosphere of utter darkness.
Behind the project Emme Ya you find columbian artist Edgar Kerval. Present album titled "Atavistic dreams & phallic totems" moves in territories of ritual music and dark ambient, not too far away from early Coil or early Lustmord. The album is a tribute to the mysterious african dogon tribe and their secret oral tradition. The music on the album is deep and intense ritual ambient music. Listen in a dark room!" [NM, Vital Weekly]