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Temporary Audiosculptures and Artefacts CD Auf Abwegen aatp33 first release since 15 years by this German artist from Düsseldorf who once ran the SDV-Tonträger label there; excellent electronic and concrete sound based "audio sculptures" that reminded us on earlier works of ASMUS TIETCHENS, but he's also compared with ILLUSION OF SAFETY or CISFINITUM; lim. 300 in special carton folder box 2011 €13.00
Quadrat LP Auf Abwegen aatp51 based on graphic-geometrical structures, KONRAD KRAFT has composed seven electro-acoustic pieces (all entitled 'x-quadrat'), which sound very clear and formal like A. TIETCHENS works on one hand, on the other there are surprising field recording elements, cut ups and improvised moments appearing, manifesting a pretty idiosyncratic musical language..."A sound manifestation of imaginary, sculptural and graphic structures. " lim. 300, absolutely to discover !! 2016 €18.00
Oval LP Auf Abwegen aatp61 third album by K-KRAFT (pioneer of the Düsseldorf electro / techno scene) on Auf Abwegen - a fine merging of synthetic sounds with field recordings, 'Synthetic Sounds with a Brain' so to say, subtle + elegant...- "Clear textures, wobbling rhythm structures and unexpected melodic particles develop into unusual soundscapes. Blurred and foggy layers give way to clear musical accents" - lim. 300 copies on green transparent vinyl 2019 €18.00
Accident in Heaven LP TAL - TAL22 re-issue of rare cassette release from 1987 (SDV Tonträger), his second album : "... the clinical roughness of SEVERED HEADS and the psychedelia of COIL with the density and force of industrial, post-punk and prototechno." - comes with printed inner sleeve and DL code 2022 €23.00
Nifbin Circle (coloured) LP Auf Abwegen aatp90 fourth album by the long active (since 1980) electronic producer from Düsseldorf, using I PAD app sounds as basic structures, melodic and minimally constructed.. - "There is a great interplay of percussive moments and slightly melancholic melodies... crackling and melodic pads create a slightly dark-melancholic atmosphere... Kraft creates a very unique and idiosyncratic form of abstract electro-pop, whose "rudimentary melodies" are convincing." (African Paper). - lim. 112 copies VIOLET vinyl 2023 €23.00