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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Auf Abwegen aatp51
Release Year: 2016
Note: based on graphic-geometrical structures, KONRAD KRAFT has composed seven electro-acoustic pieces (all entitled 'x-quadrat'), which sound very clear and formal like A. TIETCHENS works on one hand, on the other there are surprising field recording elements, cut ups and improvised moments appearing, manifesting a pretty idiosyncratic musical language..."A sound manifestation of imaginary, sculptural and graphic structures. " lim. 300, absolutely to discover !!
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"Quadrat is the title of Konrad Kraft’s (aka Detlef Funder) newest album. In some ways this album constitutes a kind of continuation of his previous work, which started with Temporary Audiosculptures. A sound manifestation of imaginary, sculptural and graphic structures. Like before, the production concentrates, in a more diffused way than in his previous album, on adding compositorial characteristics to graphic-geometric structures.

The result is a formal Grammatik of complex sound structures existing of wanted and indeed unwanted sounds and improvised moments. Fragmentary passages join homogeneous ones, spatial agglomerations follow cut-ups, acoustic adhesion meets simmering hotspots. Quadrat is clearly more poetical than his last album. Reduction and occasional use of minimalistic tonality and rhythm are in the forefront, and invite for sound excursions. The dogmatic choice of electronic sound production as well as the extreme manipulation of field recordings, allows for the formation of an abstract electronic parallel world.

Detlef Funder alias Konrad Kraft Bio:
1979 – Purchase of first semi-modular synthesiser.
1982 – Creation of experimental and avantgarde music project “Konrad Kraft“.
Various tapes and CDs as well as compilation tracks are published.
1988 – 1994 Co-founder of the Düsseldorf based music label “SDV-Tonträger”.
1990 – 2011 Producer of electronic music (experimental, ambient, techno) and
work as DJ and live-acts worldwide (“Konrad Kraft”, “Gilgamesch”,
“D-Fundation”, “Detson Engineering” & “Four Carry Nuts”).
2004 – After a long break resumption of work as artist (fine arts and
1992 Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft – “Environmental Studies“ (SDV-Düsseldorf) CD
1996 Konrad Kraft – Alien Atmospheres (Elektro Smog-Frankfurt) CD
2011 Konrad Kraft - Temporary Audio Sculptures and Artefacts (aufabwegen) CD