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Silencer mini-LP PAN Records PAN 43 / Alter ALT11 long play 12" by this London-based project with four new tracks using lots of subtle & droney percussion....comes in the typical artful silkscreened pvc sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas 2013 €16.00
Impasse LP New Images NI 05 expanded re-issue of very limited mCD from 2008 (Low Point), now with two additional pieces from the same sessions (so far unreleased); electronic suction ambience noise based on hypnotic loops & patterns and organ wave drones 2014 €15.00
The Hollow Organ 12inch PAN Records PAN 50 four new studio tracks by LUKE YOUNGER aka HELM (who is also a member of BIRDS OF DLEAY) on clear vinyl, very powerful pulsing & repetitive structures again with sharp & metallic sounds & drones... the suspenseful meeting of drone & industrial.. 2014 €16.00
Olympic Mess do-LP PAN PAN63LP already the fourth release by London-based project HELM for PAN => 10 tracks of quasi-rythmic, loopy & hypnotic electro drone-scapes, often enriched with effected field recordings... less rough and noisy as before but with an excellent flair for captivating atmospheric sound figurations... 2015 €27.00
Axis LP DAIS Rec. - DAIS 177 the project from London is back with a truly enthralling release, 7 tracks of pulsing, sometimes ghostly atmospheric industrial-electronica with always interesting breaks, loops, effects, passages, harmonic substructions, ... working with old equipment again this has a nice raw & low fi-ish character, feat. many guest musicians (using violin, guitar, cello, vocals, etc.)... .- standard BLACK vinyl version, printed inner sleeves, DL code 2021 €23.00