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Un Apres-Midi Suisse CD-R NPH 002 new French project with second CDR - between daring Musique Concrete / weird abstract sounds and more atmospheric dense material; worth to discover, comes in DVD box 2010 €12.00
Beaute des Mirages LP Discrepant CREP43 the French project known for its obscure sound/field recording collages (like an alien form of NWW) with their first LP, exotic plunderphonics from various odd sources, contrasted with cut ups, eerie electronic sounds and noises... a bizarre and weird record as you always wanted it ! - "full of fake(?) vintage atmospheres and armchair jungle hallucinations. An abstract journey into a beautiful (and sometimes scary) world of mirages." 2017 €19.00
Ceremonie (avec Cargo en Flammes) 7inch Haemoccult Recordings - HAEM 004   2022 €9.50