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DEAD MAURIACS, THE - Ceremonie (avec Cargo en Flammes)

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Haemoccult Recordings - HAEM 004
Release Year: 2022
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.50

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Crmonie (avec cargo en flammes) is music for Dada dance, ruined temple, fire, and economic summit, music of delicate and dystopian nightmares, music of our time !

Here is what says Frans de Ward in Vital Weekly #1356, week 51 :
The title translates as 'Ceremony (with a burning cargo ship)' and comes with a text that somehow eludes me (I was thinking of some of The Hafler Trio's texts). The Dead Mauriacs use the form of sound collage, layering various elements, piano, humming voices, and percussion into small and gentle constructions of sound. It has a great modern music feeling and a radio drama/performance. Like a ceremonial, but without having an idea what this ceremony is about. Each side is distinctly broken up into shorter segments, and one doesn't have the idea of excerpts from longer pieces, but all the same, I can imagine longer versions with more segments possible. The second side has a slightly more improvised feeling than the first side, but both sides also deal with the idea of cutting sounds, re-combining and creating new contexts. At one point, I scribbled down Nurse With Wound, with whom I could see a musical relation. An excellent record as well.

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