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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Raspad CD Tesco 066 impressive dark ambient industrial album from this east-european project (living in New York) who recently performed at the IAMINDUST-festival in Oakland 2006 €15.00
Benommenheit CD Tesco Org TESCO 092 5th album of this Russian/ U.S. apocalyptic industrial project confronting you with really creepy and sluggish sounds of agony and pain... seeing 'earthly existence as a ghostly, tenebrous moment between eternities'... excellent slow pulsing industrial collages, distorted, alienated.... somewhere between REUTOFF, WOLF EYES, GENOCIDE ORGAN.. 2014 €14.50
Gauze LP Tesco Archaic Documents ARCHAIC 008 re-issue of POST SCRIPTVMS (a Russian duo living in Brooklyn, NYC) first official album (CD-R from 2002), a document of creepy and eerie death industrial, more raw and unpolished as following works but already emanating a petrifying, authentic atmosphere.... lim./numbered 250 copies on heavy vinyl with inlay 2016 €23.00
Variola Vera LP Tesco Organisation TESCO 132 a surrealistic aural nightmare, inspired by the outbreak of smallpox in Yugoslavia in the 1970's... "Adrift in the sea of narcotic synth textures, discordant recitations, contaminated laboratory noises, misshapen fragments of charlatan sermons, cannibal ceremonies, voices of dying children and speeches of the moribund Eastern Blok dictators, Variola Vera navigates its wayward course amidst the bitter nostalgia, ritualistic fervency, lethargic dejection, and frantic anguish." - lim. 300, full colour inlay, mastered by THOMAS DIMUZIO !! 2019 €20.00