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Sinister Heights do-CD Remote Viewers RV 6-7 new recordings from this very "free" experimental soundproject around DAVID PETTS, feat. many guests as ADAM BOHMAN, DARREN TATE, JOHN EDWARDS... 2009 €14.00
To the North CD Remote Viewers RV8 9th release by this "advanced / free / unclassifiable Jazz" group from the UK, rec. live in one studio session feat. JOHN EDWARDS & MARK SANDERS 2010 €13.00
Nerve Cure CD Remote Viewers RV9 minimal cinematic avant jazz with a highly experimental approach by this UK-based trio, feat. diverse guest-musicians (ADAM BOHMAN, JOHN EDWARDS, SUE LYNCH, ROSA LYNCH-NORTHOVER), surprising as always, to discover ! 2011 €13.00
City of Nets CD Remote Viewers RV10 newest album by the British "avantgarde-Jazz" ensemble, thematically based around the texts of WYSTAN HUGH AUDEN 2012 €13.00