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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Remote Viewers RV9
Release Year: 2011
Note: minimal cinematic avant jazz with a highly experimental approach by this UK-based trio, feat. diverse guest-musicians (ADAM BOHMAN, JOHN EDWARDS, SUE LYNCH, ROSA LYNCH-NORTHOVER), surprising as always, to discover !
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"With this, their 10th release, The Remote Viewers
continue to confound expectations. Nerve Cure trumpets a worldly perspective on the bands core make-up. Not as aggressive or percussion-centric as the manifold and at times, rockified Sinister Heights (2009)or To The North (2010).....
the musicians bridge an avant relationship with an initiative that incorporates investigational-like chamber, dappled with angular phrasings and a glimmering sense of intrigue." [label info]


"The Remote Viewers started as a trio of Adrian Northover, Louise Petts and David Petts, around 2007. It was the start of a fruitful period, that with 'Nerve Cure', results in their tenth release. Nowadays The Remote Viewers turns around the nucleus of Adrian Northover (soprano & alto sax) and David Petts (tenor sax). For this release they were assisted by Rosa Lynch-Nothrover (piano, percussion), Sue Lynch (tenor sax, flute), John Edwards (double bass, harp) plus Adam Bohman (bowed objects on 'Long Weekend' and Caroline Kraabel (baritone sax on 'Grids'). It is my first meeting with this group. Gradually I became more and more enthusiastic about their music. For sure it is evident this music is carefully structured and played, but it didn't move instantly. I needed time. The approach is very minimalistic and academic although there is humor and wit in it.. There is also something Henry Cow-ish in this music, listening to tracks as 'Forgotten Corners' and 'War with the Outer Countries'. The playing is economic and the arrangements are sober, delicate and to the point. Saxophones are prominent, but the coloring by harp, flute, are very okay. It is more in vein of composed chamber music than leaning on jazz or rock. It is of great efficiency and discipline. As cold and emotionless this music appeared to me in the beginning, how warm it is now. Interesting stuff." (DM/Vital Weekly]