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PARKANLAGE BOOK & CD Junge Kunst e.V. Wolfsburg / Stefan Roigk BACK IN STOCK this art catalogue (21 x 19 cm, 60 pages) with many colour pictures of installation works, plus texts in German & English, released on the occasion of the PARKPLATZ exhibition (Wolfsburg, Juli-September 2006) from this German soundart artist who was once active as KENOTAPH, K:EIM & SKALP! - On the CD 63 minutes of material with highly abstract and nice droning musique concrete. Still to discover !! 2008 €18.00
The Rising of Matteo CD Tochnit Alelph TA110 "Bus Stop At The Dream Passage" - like an acoustic theater piece, STEFAN ROIGK connects field recordings with sounds from his installation works to a very intimate, droney collage...- "The hypnotic swarms of organic chants; cascades of rustles, rattles, and drones; short cracklings and scratches; and moments of exhausting compression or restful silence generate a rousing maelstrom of fragmented narrations with expressive gestures." = enchanting goose bumbs music, highly recommended!! 2015 €13.00
Worte wie Schall und Raum CD Revolver Publishing / Braunschweig University of Art three pieces showing the possibilities of a "imaginary music" that is solely based on vocal material (lecture, dialogue, expressive spoken-word theatre), proliferating in all directions; words are whispered, narrated, babbled, crossing each others and building strange layers of meanings and astonishing aural surroundings... the CD contains one lecture performance and sounds from 2 installations, comes with 8 oversized photocards; absolutely to discover ! 2016 €15.00
Sprachmusik CD Tochnit Aleph TA149 highly impressive recordings (14 tracks) of vocal based tracks, a kind of lyrical prosa about the perception of noises, merging sound poetry, electro-acoustic and experimental drone... fascinating ! NOT the classical standard sound poetry, this operates rather at the intersection of sound art, ear-play and droning noises... very much recommended to discover ! - BACK IN STOCK 2017 €13.00
Suffering for the promised LP Fragment Factory [FACT47] "Being in the making ľ or un-making ľ for the past 14 years, Stefan Roigk's ╗Suffering For The Promisedź has gone through many stages, from being finished, revoked, left untouched, reworked, discussed to finally getting banned onto vinyl in its ultimate and irrevocable form. An atmospherically intense but yet utterly fragile piece, combining concrete sounds, field recordings and devotional vocal fragments to an eclectic and highly intimate composition.." lim. 316 copies, printed inner sleeve 2019 €16.00
De-Composed BOOK + 2 x CD Errant Bodies Press phantastic 144 pages full colour art book presenting STEFAN ROIGKs works 2005 to 2023 => acousmatic compositions, sound installations, musical graphics and sound poetry works, photos, texts and drawings.. " A piece of music for the eyes" - the book comes with two audio CDs, incl. 33 tracks / 141 min. of extraordinary sounds and audio poetry, a great survey of the almost unique creative approach of the Berlin based sound artist.. 2023 €28.00