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ROIGK, STEFAN - De-Composed

Format: BOOK + 2 x CD
Label & Cat.Number: Errant Bodies Press
Release Year: 2023
Note: phantastic 144 pages full colour art book presenting STEFAN ROIGKs works 2005 to 2023 => acousmatic compositions, sound installations, musical graphics and sound poetry works, photos, texts and drawings.. " A piece of music for the eyes" - the book comes with two audio CDs, incl. 33 tracks / 141 min. of extraordinary sounds and audio poetry, a great survey of the almost unique creative approach of the Berlin based sound artist..
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deCOMPOSED New artist's book by Berlin-based sound artist Stefan Roigk. The catalog documents acousmatic compositions, sound installations, musical graphics and text-sound compositions of the years 2005 to 2023 on 144 pages and 2 Audio-CDs.

A complex assemblage, composed of documentation photos, texts and drawings, becomes an interlocking whole in its dynamic flows and fields and animates the paper as a vibrantly structured visual composition. A piece of music for the eyes, in which the boundaries between documentation, draft and work become blurred in a surreal mesh of the concrete and fictional. Here, the reader generates their own individual temporal axis based on their speed of observation and focus on the optical elements, thus becoming a mixing board for a composition realized as a catalogue.
Three text pieces give a deeper insight into Roigk's understanding of sound as material and the translation of sound events into other media.
As an equivalent to the visual approach of the catalog and in order to adequately convey the sonic dimension of the artistic work, (sound) fragments of all the works covered in the catalog were transferred into a dynamic collage-like arrangement with Roigk's typical aesthetics and are included with the catalog as an independent listening experience in the form of two audio CDs.

Stefan Roigk, deCOMPOSED (Audio Extracts) is published in conjunction with the catalogue "Stefan Roigk, deCOMPOSED" / published 2023 by Errant Bodies Press, Berlin / ISBN 978-3-9823166-8-0 / for further information please visit : www.stefan-roigk.com / www.errantbodies.org / 2023 Stefan Roigk + Errant Bodies Press / This Publication was supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds


"In a plastic bag, we find the following: a softcover book, 21x26 centimetre, 144 pages, 2 A5 postcards and a double CD. All of this is by Stefan Roigk, a Berlin-based composer born in 1974. I mention that year because, much to my pleasant surprise, the first time his name popped up in Vital Weekly was in issue 109, which must have been around 1997, which started, also very funny, with "Can you believe that in today's digitalized world there are still existing people who start a cassette-label?" Over the years, I reviewed his various releases, and his language, German, is essential to him. However, unlike some of his previous works, these two CDs aren't all spoken word, which is excellent. More to enjoy if the language is a barrier. What I didn't know, or perhaps I wasn't as aware, is that Roigk is also a visual artist and that many of his music pieces come with installations, or vice versa. The book is a catalogue of these installation pieces, the oldest from around 2007. Even when these pages are stills and not the real thing (or, in the case of a DVD, a registration of the real thing), it gives an excellent overview of his work. Like his music, many installation pieces are also collages of everyday objects in a new context. Some pieces on these CDs have been released before, so one could say this is a greatest-hits package. The downside is that the order on the CD is different than in the book, so one goes back and forth, learning about the material used in these pieces. Roigk uses musique concrte techniques of superimposing elements, intricate cuts, montage and altering his sounds. Of course, over two hours of music
is quite a stretch, but sitting back with the catalogue certainly works very well. I took away from it that Roigk creates a very coherent body of work in which music, visuals and text play a homogenous role." [FdW / Vital Weekly]