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Sub do-CD 23five Incorporated 23five018 impressive new album by the Swiss 'musique concrete' master, always finding incredible ways to deconstruct & transform natural sounding objects & acoustic phenomena => 'the manifestation of amorphous conditions that lead to (or interfere with) representational forms or states of being'; lim. 500 2013 €16.00
Gour LP Tochnit Aleph TA119 "crypto electro-acoustics" is the notion the label uses for this long composition by the Zrich based composer, who never fails to record & combine unusual field & object recordings... GOUR is an often quite fast moving collage made of all kinds of field recordings with rough moments, great creaking sounds, mysterious voice delusions, raw ether atmospheres... GOUR appears in an edition of 350 copies 2015 €18.50