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Flushing the Veins DVD Waystyx Records WR30 the second release for the "post"-VANCE ORCHESTRA project is a DVD with four films & new music, combining colourful vivid & floating shapes with field recordings and electronic sounds & drones... lovely stuff, contemplative & little bit bizarrre as always... Comes in nicely designed handmade DVD-box, with colour-booklet, lim. 300 2007 €15.00
poem#red128dot CD-R Absurd #red_dot after the split of VANCE ORCHESTRA this is the first solo release of MARS WELLINK with his new project (AD)VANCE(D) ! Dedicated to Geert Feytons (NOISE-MAKER'S-FIFES). Oversized cardboard-map-cover !!! 2007 €10.00
Two Events LP Waystyx Records WAYSTYX41 Waystyx goes vinyl! Fabulous release by the dutch project around MARS WELLINK, numb. ed. of 200 copies comes with huge poster-cover & postcard. Atmospheric collage-music at its best ! 2009 €16.00
24 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-15 the Dutch master of loopy trance-inducing collages (ex VANCE ORCHESTRA) has collected field recordings from a full day of his existence and processed them to form an atmospheric travelogue. The aural world seen from a subsconscious perspective. Great cover-collage by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE) and TOM PLATT. 500 copies pressed in "flamed solid white & black" colour. OUT NOW 2011 €12.00
Unseen Intelligence mCD-R Taalem alm88 'Unseen Intelligence' is the following release after the great [AD]VANCE[D] 10" for Substantia Innominata - again a suspenseful and very atmospheric collage-construction using lots of object and found sounds, backwards-effects, fragmented voice-material, strange scraping sounds, etc.. very best dark and droney musique concrete, reminding on BRUME, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, or even LIONEL MARCHETTI.. highly recommended ! - new non jewel-case ed. now 2012 €5.00