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[AD]VANCE[D] - Unseen Intelligence

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm88
Release Year: 2012
Note: 'Unseen Intelligence' is the following release after the great [AD]VANCE[D] 10" for Substantia Innominata - again a suspenseful and very atmospheric collage-construction using lots of object and found sounds, backwards-effects, fragmented voice-material, strange scraping sounds, etc.. very best dark and droney musique concrete, reminding on BRUME, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, or even LIONEL MARCHETTI.. highly recommended ! - new non jewel-case ed. now
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More Info

"once half of the wonderful VANCE ORCHESTRA, mars f. wellink still creates multi-layered soundscapes full of details. not very productive, his past works were released on absurd (one cd-r), waystyx (one lp and one dvd) and more recently on the 10" series of drone records, substantia illuminata. "unseen intelligence" is a wonderful "sound travelogue", as stefan knappe described his 10"." [label info]


"Mars F. Wellink came from Ain Towh and Vance Orchestra and since some years is (Ad)Vance(d), which is never very active with releases, but always creates a fine piece of drone music. Here he works with one Jan Dekker and its never known what they use sound wise. For all I know there is a bunch of field recordings, voices and tons of processing on going, but then its hard to say which kind of processing. Does (Ad)Vance(d) use a lot of analogue electronics, or is it perhaps in the world of computers? Its all not easy, if not impossible to tell. 'Unseen Intelligence' consists of three distinct parts. The first has a slight light metallic ring to it, with voices taped on a dictaphone. The second part, with some ten minutes also the longest, an obscure piece of crackling sounds (radio?), voices, and some sounds of scraping metal, which grows in intensity and the short third piece builds in a log fade up to the conclusion and contains, perhaps, all sounds elements as before. Its once again an excellent piece of music of a highly atmospheric nature, which should appeal to drone-heads world-wide." [FdW, Vital Weekly]