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“.... das elektronisch anmutende Pulsieren ihrer Klangvisionen entführt in intergalaktische Räume, in Zeiten, in denen die ‘Krone der Schöpfung’ zu Staub zerfallen ist. In einer Alien-Disco voller LEMscher Lemuren zappeln keine eiweißhaltigen Ekelgeiler, die sich Menschen schimpfen, sondern höher organisierte Wesen aus reiner Materie. Das rituell-rhythmische Beben, Wummern, Knirschen und Stampfen ist weder industriell noch postatomar, sondern fremd und andersartig; seine schreckliche, erregende Schönheit liegt vielleicht gerade in dieser irgendwie auch beruhigenden Abwesenheit des Menschlichen (das hat fast schon wieder etwas ‚Humanes’). Sind das die Bewußtseinsströme eines Elektronengehirns? Metaphysische Landschaften?
Neben den MNEMONISTS streuen ZOVIET-FRANCE den wirksamsten Dünger für den Wildwuchs der Phantasie; ihre gleichzeitig hyperfuturistischen und urtürmlichen Klangbilder aus dem kollektiven Unterbewußtsein laden dazu ein, daß jede/r sie mit persönlichen Assoziationen illustriert. Solche Musik wirkt wie ein Attentat gegen den vorgekauten Stumpfsinn modischen Computergeratters....“ [Bad Alchemy über Zoviet France, 1986]

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Digilogue CD Soleilmoon SOL 62 back in stock the re-release of the limited LP from 1995, with bonus-material... "the layered textures increase the tensions of exotic darkness. This music is definitely exotic and definitely erotic -- not pleasantly but disturbingly. The sinister timbres are seductive and jarring.." [All Music.com] 1998 €16.00
Tables are Turning do-LP Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 182 soundtrack to 'Designer Body', a curious dance-theatre work by 'ballatLORENT' that toured in England 2008/2009, exploring the relationship between humans and their clothing; cover consists of a deluxe dual-layer green satin bag with fold-over flap with elements sewn by hand; a phantastic release! lim. 400, LAST COPY!! 2013 €65.00
Collusion (WHITE vinyl) do-LP VOD Records VOD165.11-12 \"Collusion\" was a compilation of rare compilation-tracks (for Touch, Bad Alchemy, Barooni or the legendary La Legende de Voix), released so far only on CD (Grey Area/Mute, 1992); for this re-issue all tracks have been re-mastered for vinyl, comes on WHITE vinyl, lim. 300 stand alone copies 2020 €30.00
Further Collusion do-LP VOD Records VOD165.16-17 after "Collusion" (1992), this is the second collection of rare & deleted compilation material, spanning a period from 1992 - 1996 with 11 pieces, many of them for the first time on vinyl..."Crushing drone, wispy ambience, mind-boggling sonic collage and experimental concrete can all be found here, but the overall listening experience remains awe-inspiring throughout." [Bleep] - lim. 300 'stand-alone' copies outside of the Chasse 2 box 2020 €30.00
Just an Illusion do-LP VOD Records VOD165.4-5 first vinyl re-issue of the CD from 1990 (Staalplaat/Staaltape), this re-produces the original cover artwork - now remastered and lim. to 300 copies in this stand-alone version (also part of the Chasse 2 box); \"...a potently hypnagogic example of ZF’s hallucinatory lo-fi dub tekkers in effect.\" [Boomkat] 2020 €38.00
Look into Me do-LP VOD Records VOD165.7-8 first vinyl re-issue of this album from 1990 (with recordings made 1987 + 1988), probably the last one with MARK SPYBEY in the line-up... "Zoviet France cycle and recycle abstract noises into a constantly changing texture, composed of sonorous drones, grindings, scrapings, squeakings and so on. It's atmospheric without conjuring up any obvious imagery at all, thanks to the unreality of most of the sounds used.." - lim. 300 (outside of the Chasse II box) 2020 €30.00
Shadow, Thief of the Sun do-LP VOD Records VOD165.9-10 re-issue of rare CD only release from 1991 - \"With patented hypnotic traction, ZF invoke mesmerising ur-states of mind with mystic loops and vocal mantras encrypted in the band’s secretive matrix of FX. It’s definitely not recommended for use while operating heavy machinery...\" [Boomkat] - lim. 300 stand-alone copies 2020 €42.00
Vienna 1990 LP VOD Records VOD165.13 first vinyl re-issue of CD from 1991, containing a stunning live recording made in Vienna November 1990 at the Ohrenschrauben-Festival; Z.F. was ANDY EARDLEY, ROBIN STOREY and BEN PONTON for this 64+ min. long concert.. 300 copies available outside of the "Chasse II" box 2020 €18.50
What is not True do-LP VOD Records VOD165.14-15 first vinyl re-issue of CD album from 1993 (Charrm CD17), contains live material recorded in the UK a year before... \"Until the hypnic jerks kick in, this one’s got potential to takes listeners right out there to another place and time entirely. Best consumed by the keenest isolationists in a bothy on high moorland with a thermos and lots of layers, probably..\" [Boomkat] - 300 stand-alone copies 2020 €38.00
7.10.12 do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 11/12 re-issue of the rare ALT.VINYL "3D"/ architectural cover art release in box (2012) that came out on 3 vinyl formats on 7. Oct. 2012... => "7.10.12" is a very versatile collection of many shorter tracks (18 in total), many field recordings and obscured material appears, but also more typical Z.F. "harmoniques exotiques" pearls, backwards-sounds and 'undecipherable atmospheric noises' (U.A.N.) en masse... a most beautiful & mysterious Z.F. album from their later phase... lim. 300 copies 2022 €31.50
A Long Walk do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 9/10 a completely unreleased recording from 2011 - now available as part of the 'Chasse 3' box and also in a limited amount of "stand-alone" copies (300x) => "A Long Walk" was recorded live in performance at the excellent INCUBATE festival in Tilburg, Netherlands, in September 2011; it features subtle shimmering instrumental drones, backwards harmonics, quirky electronic effects and lots of field recordings = a beautiful soundtrack for internal and external voyages... 2022 €31.50
A Third Collusion do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 15/16 "On The Edge Of A Grain Of Sand" - the third collection of rare & deleted ZF material, recorded mainly for compilations, this time covering a period from 1996 to 2016 (11 pieces); the album is also part of the "Chasse 3" box, this is the 'stand-alone' version and comes on WHITE vinyl 2022 €31.50
Chasse 3 16 x LP BOX Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 the third and final part of the Z.F. story and the third incredible VOD release in this trilogy, containing releases 1996-2013 (most of them for the first time on vinyl), plus a full unrelased album \"A Long Walk\" and rare compilation material, extended versions + bonus tracks; comes with T-shirt & superb 24 p. 12\" x 12\" art booklet, plus numbered certificate and a small bag with mysterious minerals, in a white printed wooden box, lim. 500 copies 2022 €325.00
Chasse 3 (as set) 16 x LP SET / bundle Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 the third and final part of the Z.F. story and the third incredible VOD release in this trilogy, containing releases 1996-2013 (most of them for the first time on vinyl) from \"In.Version\" to \"Third Collusion\", plus a full unrelased album \"A Long Walk\" and rare compilation material, extended versions + bonus tracks - this is the \"SET\" or bundle version with eight double LPs, no box, booklet and shirt, just the records !! Lim. 300 \"stand-alone\" copies outside the box-sets 2022 €260.00
Digilogue do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 3/4 the original album first appeared on Soleilmoon in 1996 on vinyl and had a CD re-issue two years later with bonus material, this is the re-issue with the three bonus tracks from the CD version, lim. 300 - " Digilogue, a foundational record in the dark ambient movement. ‘Soft Helion’ and its sister track ‘Another Soft Helion’ provide the blueprint for a lot of imitators, most of whom fail to reach their height.. " 2022 €31.50
Feedback [Mort Aux Vaches] do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 5/6 ZOVIET FRANCE's contribution to the famous "Mort aux Vaches" series (live recordings in the prof. VPRO studios in Amsterdam), happened in August 1996 and has since then never been re-issued (only shortly after they performed in Gent, Belgium, on Sept. 7, 1996 where MAEROR TRI had their last ever live performance at the same evening;) - this is the stand-alone version with repro of the original cover art, lim. 300 copies 2022 €31.50
In.Version do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 1/2 re-issue of the album from 1996, now for the first time on vinyl... - "Gone are the days of wild and experimental sound collages and grating industrial, ritualistic ambient banger's and in its place is a more subdued and droning affair. During this period especially the groups hallmark sound would be twisted and shifted into what amounted to a swill of limp krautrock inspired dark ambient.." [Soundohm] ; 300 copies 2022 €31.50
The Decriminalisation of Country Music do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 7/8 the obscure ZF album from 2000 with special concept (\"Themes for Tramway\") - for the first time on vinyl with additional unreleased material => \'Tramway\' is an art space in Glasgow\'s tram depot remains, the group was invited to record a sound documentation of the building...- \"All in all \"Decriminalisation..\" is an engaging work of auditory art. And it\'s as suited for busy high brow art rooms as it is lonely late night bed rooms\" - lim. 300 copies 2022 €33.50
The Tables are Turning do-LP Vinyl-on-Demand VOD172 13/14 re-issue of the album from 2013, now with additional, unreleased fourth side (3 tracks) and coming in a standard cover: "The Tables are Turning" is a soundtrack to 'Designer Body', a dance-theatre work by 'ballatLORENT' that toured in England 2008/2009, exploring the relationship between humans and their clothing... (this do-LP is also part of the Chasse 3 box) 2022 €31.50