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ZOVIET FRANCE - Just an Illusion

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: VOD Records VOD165.4-5
Release Year: 2020
Note: first vinyl re-issue of the CD from 1990 (Staalplaat/Staaltape), this re-produces the original cover artwork - now remastered and lim. to 300 copies in this stand-alone version (also part of the Chasse 2 box); \"...a potently hypnagogic example of ZFs hallucinatory lo-fi dub tekkers in effect.\" [Boomkat]
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\"Just An Illusion represents a continuation of the Zoviet France electronic style of the late 80s early 90s. Together, Acend A Fall and Caught In The Square comprise a hypnotic masterpiece. A combination of industrial grinding, modified guitar and electronics. Other tracks apply synthesizers and tape loops with far more sophistication and impact than on the earlier albums. With longer mood pieces and shorter works that highlight the Middle Eastern and Asian influences which have often lingered in the background...\" [Soundohm]

\"First vinyl edition of Zoviet Frances 1990 album of folk from adjacent dimensions, arriving in V-O-Ds 2nd batch of comprehensive reissues spanning the Northumberland bands first decade, Chsse 2ᵉ

Just an Illusion is a potently hypnagogic example of ZFs hallucinatory lo-fi dub tekkers in effect. As we can tell, the bands foundational line-up of Ben Ponton and Robin Storey are manning the controls, typically syncretising surreally natural elisions of far-flung styles into a singular sonic vernacular that transcends time and place.

Were instantly snagged on the mid-eastern blues lilt and hard-to-place vocals of Lief Lulla, and transported perpendicular across eons to glorious cosmic noise, grinding berimbau-type rhythms and genuinely heart-in-mouth moments of ambient beauty that are worth the price of admission for the opportunity to discover them alone, nestled in between the moonlit moorland scapes and wide rolling river masses of their sound.

If you love getting stranded at the bleakest/lushest points of their early work, or indeed AFXs SAW II, which came out a few years later, this one will take you there, and beyond.\" [Boomkat]