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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Dead Colours CD-R Silentes cdr 20050906 lim./numb. 120 - original first edition ! 2005 €12.00
The Testamentary Corridor CD Silentes minimal editions sme 0608   2006 €13.00
Dead Colours CD Silentes minimal editions SME0717   2008 €12.00
Menstruum Regles CD Silentes minimal editions SME0716   2008 €13.00
The Selfportrait of M.B. CD Silentes minimal editions SME0715   2008 €13.00
Ludium CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME1033 one-tracker build on processed piano material 2009 €13.00
Persecutionem LP Rotorelief ROTOR013 inspired by persecution of the early Christians; numb. ed. 303 copies 2009 €20.00
Verfall CD-R Lona Records Locd66r album based entirely on floating piano-tunes; sounds at times more like a wild ROBERT HAIGH than typical M.B. - 8 different tracks, all with german titles; rare CD-R on this label from Hongkong 2010 €10.00
YNOHPMYS CD Tourette Records 013 lim. 400 digipack 2010 €13.00
YNOHPMYS (special ed.) CD Tourette Records 013* lim. 70 art edition including old signed film negative stripe 2010 €20.00
Industrial Murder / Menstrual Bleeding CD Phage Tapes PT:157 / R.O.N.F. Records CDO-002 this album was once released as LP on Banned Productions (1992), so its one of the releases that appeared when M.B. was not musically active; the material was recorded in 1991 (two long tracks, 49+ min.) - amazing industrial drone noise with the use of rhythm machines... comes in an elaborate multi-colour silkscreen cardboard box (gold, blue, red & white), lim. 300 2011 €10.00
Celtichants CD Alone At Last AAL[3] based on multi-layered chanting voices from unknown sources, this creates a surreal atmosphere of strangely whispering and morphing organisms, woven into a flowing, otherworldy 60 min. collage... excellent new M.B.-work with an odd emotional quality.. lim. 500 special package, using different colour variants & incl. a set of 3 full colour postcards 2013 €15.00
Mectpyo Bakterium LP Menstrual Recordings LH49 re-issue of the much sought-after LP from 1982 released on DYS (the label run by THE MNEMONISTS), recorded August-October 1981, one of the "calmer" albums of the early MB phase, comes with reproduction of the original cover, lim. 275 on coloured /marbled (grey / black / white) vinyl, with inlay... "The icy opression, the hallucinative electronic wounds, are a precious and singular fact in a technological society brought to limit" [M.B.] 2013 €22.00
S.F.A.G. 81 LP Recursion STRANA-1 re-issue of MC (Broken Flag 1983) which uses material from the "Symphony for a Genocide" album, remixed with an echo-machine... lim. 527 copies 2014 €16.50
Mectpyo Box 10 x CD BOX Alga Marghen / EEs'T Records 002 - 012 *.. die ultimative MB Box, sie enthlt alle 10 LPs der Frhphase (1981-1984), sowie diverse rare Stcke von Compilations... / collection of all 10 LP-releases issued 1981-1984 in one box, plus a wide selection of compilation-tracks and 84 pages "booklet" / inlay cards with original artworks & collages, interviews, and essays of MB on SPK, WHITEHOUSE, TG, etc.. lim. / numb. 200 copies; last copies of the "black" re-edition from 2015 !! 2015 €165.00
Telmegiddo LP + CD Menstrual Recordings LH61 "Apocalyptic echo-sounds" - re-issue of M.Bs last tape-composition from 1983, with a bonus CD "Bakterihabitat" containing sound sketches that lead to 'Telmegiddo" - together more than 105 min playtime, lim. and numbered 100 copies on white vinyl (out of a total ediiton of 250) with paste-on Cover, the cover image is a 1981 original M.B. artwork 2015 €20.00
T.A.M.B.C.S. CD-R Meditation Records MR 019 Japanese re-issue of a rare cassette from 1981 (C-60 on Mectpyo Rec.) - two long tracks in three sections - "Decomposed by M.B. at Mectpyo Studio, Milan, in the month of July 1981, using electro-synth effects, concrete noises and neurotic rhythms."; lim. 30 copies only, DVD sized box & full colour cover 2020 €15.00