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BIANCHI, MAURIZIO (M.B.) - Celtichants

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alone At Last AAL[3]
Release Year: 2013
Note: based on multi-layered chanting voices from unknown sources, this creates a surreal atmosphere of strangely whispering and morphing organisms, woven into a flowing, otherworldy 60 min. collage... excellent new M.B.-work with an odd emotional quality.. lim. 500 special package, using different colour variants & incl. a set of 3 full colour postcards
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"Lost and found all of a sudden, this album is the exploration made with the chanting voices of unknown nature. Choral fragments were decomposed and restructured, arranged with the effects and atmospheric shifts, creating the mysterious soundtrack to the otherworldly ceremony. These echoing voices are going directly from the lost memory or the daydreams, nobody can tell you where they are from, where they are calling you. Here are some words of the author, giving you just the hint but not the clear explanation. Postface : The knowledge exemplified affect distress to their natural peduncle environment. Destructive invention progressed towards purposes in some external fumes surroundings and deplete globalization performance bloody resources applied precipitous challenge. Developed simple efficient disrupt generations usually prominces changed damned systems especially from tightness with instrumental reason practical poisonous organized inorganic entities immaterial in the compulsive habitat. Wooden marginalization virtual techniques combine to produce skills processes for neurotic medical combined with additionally oppression formalize endeavor output engineering parasites investigation for principles among exclusively retrieve the challenge development advanced research in the excessive leading towards primitivism to dissolve the molesters emergence earliest alienates shape. Discovery allowed early multimedia digestibility progressivism sophisticated retractile for misanthropic domain transition with prominence contribute specialization adjacent a role processing alloys utensils near the harness evidence inhuman innovations borrowed structures. Advancements countless transit miniaturized resulting alienating after complex treatments support them, microfractures perform the entirety existence proponents morally pessimistic are increasing serious disarticulation chained with passionately communicate infrastructure to describe mortal lethargy perspective unique overall for muscular lucubrations. Limited edition of 500 copies in special packaging - custom made of textured paper with black/silver print, assembled by hand. Different colors available: china white, pearl white, lemon yellow, mallard green, lime green, concrete grey, dark grey, dark violet. Comes with the set of 3 photos of miocenic basalts made by Siegmar Fricke in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria Island)." [label info]