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Psychotropic Substances CD-R Soulworm Editions WORM XXXIV we could get back few copies back in of some release from the Polish dark ambient / industrial label SOULWORM, all in highly professional design! This one by the Finnish "archaic noise" band is limited to 333 copies and contains an oversized booklet, comes in DVD-box with full colour cover 2003 €10.00
Gandharva Constellation CD Industrial Recollections IR-TOT Temple Of Tiermes earliest recordings (1995) from the Finnish ritual-noise project with overwhelming effect, when MIKKO ASPA aka GRUNT was a member of the band - so far only released as very limited cassette in 1998, now with bonus track... - "Roaring noise, eccentric guitar works, human skull percussions and piercing feedback all blend into unique mix of experiments.." - lim. 300 copies 2020 €12.50