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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
ReuTRauM IV (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-46 first ed. lim. 250 copies 2000  
The fourth face 10inch HauRuck HR27 great 4-track 10" from this ultra dark & moody Moscow-area based Electro / Industrial-band & Drone Records artist (DR-46), ORANGE or BLACK vinyl, lim. 500 in total 2002 €12.00
Gute Nacht, Berlin CD HauRuck HR!47 second album by the Russian dark ambient & electro industrial luminaries, related to WW2 themes; showing their deeply emotional atmospheric / melancholic side, this is music like an acoustic epitaph... back in stock ! 2003 €13.00
ReuTRauM VI 7 Blade Records wmda 46 black vinyl, 300 copies 2003 €8.00
Regno Di Pianta CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE001CD digipack / re-release of first lim. CDR from 1999 !! 2004 €13.00
ReutRaum IV (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-46 (2nd) sec. ed. 300 copies. full colour cover & coloured vinyl 2004 €6.00  
Deprivatio CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 017 CD / Indiestate Distribution IST 058 CD standard ed. without poster 2008 €12.00
NullRauM do-CD :retortae: elixier 8 collection of the seven brilliant 'ReutRaum' 7"es (incl. the Drone Rec. EP from 2000) released on 7 different labels in 7 different countries, + 4 new bonus tracks, by the Russian Industrial pioneers who celebrate their 15th year of existence with this release => desolated ambient industrial with a very sad & melancholic touch, definitely among their best material: lim. 250 with 16p. booklet and long liner notes about the specific atmosphere of the "Reutoff" suburb in Moscow! 2014 €17.00
No One's Lullabies CD Zhelezobeton ZHB-LXI the 9th album by the deep melancholic / sophisticated electro industrial outfit from Moscow, an extension of the MC release with same title from last year... "So near perfection is No Ones Lullabies that while listening, one cant help but feel that the album is a masterpiece for a project that has gone virtually unnoticed in the West for far too long now." [Heathen Harvest] lim. 333 copies 2015 €13.00