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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Osci LP Small Voices SVV006 ed. of 320 copies, debut-album! 2006 €15.00
Find Electronica CD A Silent Place ASP21 FABIO ORSI is another artist using long endless-delays / loops, like AIDAN BAKER or FEAR FALLS BURNING, but his drones are "lighter", more electronica-like so to say, the atmosphere evoked is less dark, more peaceful and calming. FIND ELECTRONICA presents 3 pieces that are maybe his most meditative & and sweet ones, perfect as background-ambience in the truest sense, using much more synth-elements as before.. 2007 €10.00
Picture myself in a cloud (speaking through thought) CD-R Ruralfaune rur046 nice full-colour design / lim. 83 copies ! 2008 €8.00
Random Shades of Day 3 x CD Privileged To Fail Records FAIL 12 two CDs with unreleased & out of print material from the past incl. his very first EP "I'm Here", plus brandnew material on disc 3 entitled "Random Shades of Day"; lim. 500 in triple digipack 2010 €16.00
The new Year is over 3 x CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme1255 stunning new epic work between cosmic synth-ambience & more powerful hypnotic psychedelism, using guitars, etc... 9 long tracks, among his best material yet! Lim. 300 oversized covers 2012 €18.00
Von Zeit zu Zeit LP Backwards BW01 two long new pieces by the well established Italian "cosmic & electronic ambience" composer; 2nd ed. on orange vinyl, lim. 102 copies only! 2012 €18.50
Wannsee LP Ricerca Sonora RS3 single-sided LP with a side-long field recording piece made at the Berlin-based lake 'Wannsee' - a very droney, slow & nostalgic daydream.. lim. 200 with colour inlay 2012 €15.00
Memory of a safe Place / La Forest a non fa pura LP + mag Silentes / 13 issue#1 this new series from the Italian ambient label combines acoustic & visual art: a lim. LP + large A4 booklet (16 pages) with b/w photographs of the same artist; FABIO ORSI starts the series with time-suspending dense transcension drones & beautiful forest pictures; lim. 250 copies, white vinyl 2013 €18.00
Qui Vicino CD & booklet 13 (3) - sps 1404 the Italian master of subtle "intimate daydream ambience" encharms with a melancholic 33 min. piece based on a most sublime & harmonic evolving guitar drone, soft as a summer breeze and going round in slow circles...think of: ULTRA MILKMAIDS, early AIDAN BAKER, STARS OF THE LID, TROUM.... comes with 16 page A4 booklet with b/w pictures taken by ORSI himself, showing the lonely moments of daily life....lim. 250 2014 €15.00
Sterminato Piano LP Backwards BW35 similar to the just released "Uncharted Waters" CD on ZOHARUM, FABIO ORSI is here now fully engaged into minimal analogue "cosmic" sequencer compositions with a fine hypnotic quality, slowly evolving into something else, with remarkable effect... the black vinyl ed. is lim. to 100 copies 2019 €18.00
Uncharted Waters CD Zoharum ZOHAR 177-2 first CD for the Italian ambient composer on ZOHARUM, going now very much into 'Berlin-school' 70's electronica directions, with one epic track.. "at the core of this record the layers become voluminous, thick with an organ that sounds as if Orsi has slept on the keys and as he breathes and snores the slight alterations develop in the mix quite organically, as if the body is fully orchestrated into the action of the chord progression and descent." [Toneshift] lim. 300 2019 €12.00
Anemos mCD-R Taalem alm 132 three pieces of finest "warm clouds" ambience, synth bubbles and something like violin tones and field / object recordings create a shining, sligthly melancholic atmosphere, dedicated or inspired by the WIND... very nice & recommended for lovers of the sublime "light" ambience, such as CELER, ALIO DIE, OÖPHOI, BASINSKI... 2020 €5.50
Reverse Diverse CD Silentes / 13(3) - sps2145 the perfect daydream ambient music, warm and cosy, shimmering in reflections and circling waves.... - "The tracks are those of an electronic music that draws its greatest inspiration from all that the Berlin School has been able to express from its beginnings up to the most current digressions.." - 200 copies 6 panel digipak 2021 €12.00
Late Afternoon Tapes CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACGF 1001 / Grubenwehr Freiburg first in a new series with 7" cover by A.C. and Grubenwehr Freiburg is this new album from FABIO ORSI, who uses guitar sounds again for his ("big A") Ambientscapes: "The music is slow, with minimal changes. A few notes are hanging in the air thick of cloudy drones. The result is fuzzy and hazy music" [Vital Weekly] - "Prächtig geflammte, dröhnende Wellen und metallisch getönte Kaskaden ziehen zum Horizont, in berauschtem Taumel, seliger Drift, erfüllter Fülle..." [B.A.] - lim. 100, factory prod. CDR 2022 €8.50