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At Snippen 7inch Killer Records 006 a little jewel is this 7" by the Norwegian 'handplayed ambient-folk' collective => with percussion, flute, piano and electronic effects minimally structured, cold & clear atmospheric improvisations are created (2 tracks rec. live June 2000). Lim. 300. BACK IN STOCK! 2001 €7.00
At Royspytten 7inch Killer Records 009 lim. 300 2002 €6.00
aBSOLuT GEHR LP Killer Records 012 magic and charmful "ambient folk" from Norway (7 tracks), mainly based on subtle tribal rhythms and poly-layered drones along with e-bass, all handplayed and at times with male vocals, slowly gaining gracious power... "Certainly the most successful experimental folk album I've heard in a while." [Edward Trethowan, Chain D.L.K.] lim. 107 copies only , large silk-screen cover & inlay 2014 €22.50