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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Killer Records 012
Release Year: 2014
Note: magic and charmful "ambient folk" from Norway (7 tracks), mainly based on subtle tribal rhythms and poly-layered drones along with e-bass, all handplayed and at times with male vocals, slowly gaining gracious power... "Certainly the most successful experimental folk album I've heard in a while." [Edward Trethowan, Chain D.L.K.] lim. 107 copies only , large silk-screen cover & inlay
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"Origami Arktika embodies tension. With Absolut Gehr they explore otherworldly realms. Songs gleam with energy. Everyone works together to create these fevered dreams. Rhythm is the focal point for these pieces. Akin to a tribal feel the members play off of each other allowing for a collection that builds gradually. Instrumentation is kept extremely colorful alternating between the acoustic and the imagined. Kept intangible the pieces literally breathe.
Ro og hamle begins things off in creepy fashion with disorientated drums, music boxes, and a barely conscious bass. Setting the mood is remarkably simple for them as they explore the shadows. The calculated freedom reaches a critical point by the end with the song threatening to fully derail. Bryggja te jol allows things to get marginally grounded. Right in the beginning the same mood appears to be set. Eventually however a groove forms halfway through the piece and propels them to the luscious finale. Light on their toe Tora liti shows how nimble they can be keeping things remarkably clear. Elements fall into piece representing strange new territories to fully explore. By far the best track on the collection is the playful Det syng for Storegut. On this track Origami Arktika express their utmost desires to play with listener expectations. After so much experimentation they appear to capitalize on that work bringing forth an incredibly habit forming piece.
Absolut Gehr explores new sonic universes. Origami Arktika are a rare breed of a band." [Beach Sloth]

"This already arrived some time ago, and I played it already quite a lot. That could be an indication that this is really good, but in this case it's more doubt and an uncertainity to make up my mind. Origami Arktika is a band that includes Rune Flaten on vocals, and Tore Honore Boe, Kai Koloi Mikalsen and others; no instruments are specified here, but it's quite heavy on percussion and string instruments (guitars no doubt, a bass but also a zither). Not this keep a steady beat per se, as the drumming is done in a more ritualistic form. It owes more to the world of free psychedelic music than say dance music, more jazz than rock. These shamans do a slow dance. Perhaps this is all rooted in the world of ancient folk music, but then updated to the current day? I am not sure, but it sounds like it. At times quite drone like, but unmistakably a 'musical' record. This is a band playing. Maybe these are things I find hard to get in to. Maybe it's because I don't understand Norwegian,
providing this is not sung in another language I don't know. Maybe I am slightly allergic to all things ritualistik as such spelling dictates. But then, and here comes my uncertainty, I am playing this and find myself tapping my feet along and getting into their somewhat krautrock inspired rhythms. If you like the Nordic mysticism of say Sigur Ros and want something as moody but no doubt a lot weirder, than this is the place to visit. It's in a dark Norwegian Wood." [FdW/Vital Weekly]