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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Re-Chant (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-16 pink vinyl, handmade covers, lim. 250 1995  
Ricochetentrance CD Lunar L199904 lim. 1000 / oversized cardboard-cover 1999 €13.00
Triad Threat CD Armonika lim. 600 2000 €13.00
Millenium-R2 CD-R G.R.O.S.S. GRRCDR2002 MR2 minimal & silent remixes from AUBE's "Millenium" series (12 CDs / 2 do-LPs), appeared on the AUBE label GROSS in 2002; numbered edition 120 copies, excellent design/cover; sound-sources: Water, Fire, Earth, Air; nice recording by the master of sampled loops from Japan who sadly died Sept. 2013; last NEW copies found !! 2002 €10.00
RM4 CD Ultra Mail Production U.M.P.-001 ed. of 945 copies in nice oversized cardboard-gatefold 2002 €13.00
Chain[re]action CD Blossoming Noise bn001CD lim. 1000 / cardboard cover 2004 €10.00
Pole nord mCD-R Taalem alm21 clear, icy glowing feedback-streams on AUBE's contribution for the fine French mCDR series.. 2005 €5.00
Metal On Metal do-CD Silentes minimal editions sme 0722 re-issue of the legendary METAL DE METAL CD (Manifold Records 1996, metal-cover) with bonus-track and bonus live-CD ! 2008 €14.00
Reworks Stefano Gentile II CD Silentes minimal editions sme 0720 highly recommended AUBE collaboration (with STEFANO GENTILE / UNDER THE SNOW), 4 long movements of beautiful waving drone-streams & shimmmers, very meditative & hypnotic... BACK IN STOCK! 2008 €13.00
Spindrift LP Robert & Leopold R&L066 luxus re-issue (metallic shimmering cover print, inlay with new liner notes, DL code) of the very first, furious AUBE cassette on G.R.O.S.S. tapes (GR-01) from 1992, both side-long compositions of earthquake-like ambient noise and pulses were based entirely on water sounds... this was the start for NAKAJIMA AKIFUMI's cult cassette label and also the very first AUBE release with his special aesthetic between noise and ambient... 2020 €25.00
Hydrophobia 1993 LP Cheeses International CI13 previously unreleased material composed, recorded and mixed with water sound only, comes on water blue vinyl, lim. 300; artwork by ABBY HELASDOTTIR (GYDJA) - singled sided LP!! (this is actually a remix of the Hydrophobia cassette material [Vanilla Rec.] that was supposed to be released on CD by Cheeses at the early 2000's, but never came out..) 2021 €20.00