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AUBE - Hydrophobia 1993

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Cheeses International CI13
Release Year: 2021
Note: previously unreleased material composed, recorded and mixed with water sound only, comes on water blue vinyl, lim. 300; artwork by ABBY HELASDOTTIR (GYDJA) - singled sided LP!! (this is actually a remix of the Hydrophobia cassette material [Vanilla Rec.] that was supposed to be released on CD by Cheeses at the early 2000's, but never came out..)
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More Info

"previously unreleased material from 1993, being a remix of his very first cassette release on Vanilla. Remastered by Phil Julian with cover artwork designed by Abby Helasdottir based on visuals supplied by Akifumi Nakajima. Full permission has been received for this to be released. One-sided LP on blue vinyl in an edition of 319." [label info]

Steve Fricker / Cheeses Int: "Originally, the plan was to re-release the Hydrophobia tape as a CD, this was around 2001-2. When Akifumi came back to me he said the tape was only a one-sided C-30, so he sent me the remix he did of the piece from 1993 that he never released, to make it a better length for a CD. He titled the original piece Hydrophobia 1991 and the remix Hydrophobia 1993 and sent me the artwork for the CD. A little while after this I decided to stop Cheeses Int., so the project was shelved. Last year I restarted my activities but as Akifumi had sadly died in the interim I thought that it would never see the light of day. However, as a few labels were re-releasing Aube material I investigated and found the guy to ask for permission and he said yes. As the original Vanilla cassette is still available, I decided to release just the 1993 piece. I'm pleased to put it out in the end. My only regret is that Akifumi isn't here to see it."