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An old broom knows all the dirty corners CD Belief Recordings brcd003 MLEHST-comeback on CD - most unsettling & disturbing experimental sounds, somewhere between drone & noise... categorized under: uncategorizable 2006 €12.00
I am, I was, I will always be LP Belief Recordings brlp004 lim. 200 copies! 2006 €15.00
A cautionary tale LP Belief Recordings brlp005 edition of 200 copies! 2007 €15.00
Vilification of the english peasant class LP Diophantine Discs n=11 ed. of 300 on clear green vinyl 2007 €15.00
Breathing in Dead Flies / Cock Sucking Lips CD Oxidiation CDROT092 re-issue of the first MLEHST LP from 1996, plus a very rare cassette only album from 1995 => this is eerie "non-music" made out of various fragmented, often slowly appearing noises, mostly not really harsh, but of a completely bleak nature... - along with the provocative / pornographic titles this forms a strong statement of outerbounds music, far away from any "accepted" style even more than 20 years later.. - lim. 200 2021 €13.00