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MLEHST - An old broom knows all the dirty corners

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Belief Recordings brcd003
Release Year: 2006
Note: MLEHST-comeback on CD - most unsettling & disturbing experimental sounds, somewhere between drone & noise... categorized under: uncategorizable
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Das MLEHST-Comeback nun auch auf CD; diese Klnge sind wirklich unangenehm und regen auf, ohne harsch noisig zu sein, ein schrger Tanz von Radiosinustnen, low-fi-Geruschen und Rauschen, fast jegliche musikalische Grundkonzepte und Bestimmungsparameter sind hier ausser Kraft gesetzt!

"Mlehst returns after years of silence, along with his unique (and prolific) experimental noise. As a bonus this digipak album has some alternate mixes of material from two recent LPs, but they fit well here and will seem like part of the whole work to most listeners. Commencing with noisy drones and reverberating percussive noises, the album takes a really varied journey through all kinds of noisy experimental, weird electronic, feedback, and droney sounds. There is a really unsettling and disturbing element to the music throughout the CD, which seems more controlled and natural than I had remembered in previous works. As intense as the sounds on CD can get, it is by no means a typical static harsh noise release. Everything has it's place and is totally under control, being precisely manipulated. Just how I like my noise... An incredibly solid and enjoyable release, through and through." [Diophantine Discs Top Releases of 2006]
"Whether or not its because I am in the process of giving up smoking I don't know, but this album leaves me anxious and on-edge. Fantastic! So many recordings just leave you cold. An emotional conduit!" [METAMORPHIC JOURNEYMAN]