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Love like a Veiled Threat CD Radiotarab Records Rt002 / Eibon Asi057 ASIA NOVA was the project of the VOICE OF EYE members with URE THRALL and guests, and this was the widest available release: ritualistic ambience with extreme effects on guitars, flutes, synths and female chants, darkest harmonies float the room, sublime percussion, at times slightly atonal,.. this shamanistic ambience has something softly elevating, while at the same time directing to an unfathomless abyss.. BACK IN STOCK, better priced 2005 €13.00
Magnamnemonicon (SOLD OUT) 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-02 first vinyl for ASIA NOVA, second part in the new 10"-series by Drone Records. Full colour cover & pink / red-white vinyl, 33 rpm, more than 30+ min. playtime. ed of 500. Release-date: 3. March 2006 !! 2006 €12.00