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ASIA NOVA [=ASIANOVA] - Burns Alive!

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Avalanche Organization AVORG 4
Release Year: 2023
Note: re-issue of a rare CDr from 2008 with finest quality live recrodings from their 2007 tour with TROUM through Europe; 70+ minutes of deeply ethereal, heavenly melancholic handplayed psychedelic / transcendental drone ambience, incl. the long "Arabian Aria" bonus impro session from Trieste... - ASIA NOVA is: the two members from VOICE OF EYE, plus URE THRALL - 4 panel digipak with numbered inlay card, lim. 100 only !!
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"...Burns Alive!" is the live document of this famous act and one of the most important ambient bands from early 90Тs (US). Pure bliss and experience. Recorded live during the Pratsayana Tour in 2007. First release appeared in 2008 as CDr on Discorporeality Recordings.

When I first met Jim Wilson and Bonnie Mc Nairn (Aka VOICE OF EYE) we almost immediately formed an experimental noise project called CRUOR after doing an improvised performance live in studio on Scott Sommers "Avante-Garde Show" on KPFT Radio way back in Houston,in 1988. Although CRUOR was short lived, it began a musical association with JIm and Bonnie and my stunning ex-wife, Pamela Passmore from 1990 to 1993 that resulted in some of the best music I have ever recorded with anyone, especially in the improvised,"stream of consciousness", method of 'anti-composition' we always utilized. I don't think we EVER sat down prior to our recording sessions and discussed any kind of planned approach because we wanted things to develop organically and unexpectedly in the music.. However, this potentially made touring quite the interesting proposition when we unexpectedly found ourselves doing a series of 6 ASIANOVA shows across Europe in September of 2007 which of course required that we recreate these wholly improvised works.
If I had been working with any other musicians, this might have become a logistical nightmare. But working with these interstellar compatriots of mine once again even though our last recordings together were so long ago (we did this tour 15 years after the original music was recorded).was like slipping on a really cosmically ancient but familiar pair of boots and wondering why it took you so damn long to wear them again! Especially when they make you feel like you're flying whenever you have them on...
This collection of live tracks from our 2007 tour was originally released in rough form as a very limited edition CD-R back in 2008. This re-release by my wonderful friend Dziugas of Avalanche records is such a miraculous thing to me. If you had told me in 1993 that ASIANOVA would be asked to re-release all our material 30 years after it was created I would never have believed you.
But in fact, this is just the first ASIANOVA work of many to be carefully edited and remastered and are all slated for special re release as a special limited CD edition of 100 copies.
There's even some unreleased Asianova which has never been heard by anyone yet set for upcoming release!... Given the crazy times we are currently living through in 2023, never has the original concept behind the name 'ASIANOVA" been more relevant. Let's hope it's not truly prophetic, though. Let's see no new 'novas' please in Asia or anywhere else on Earth if you don't mind. I'd like the world to stick around awhile yet so we all get to enjoy a deeper capacity for our enjoyment and Love of Life through the Magic of our Creativity.

-Ure Thrall for ASIANOVA
February 26th 2023


"The group Asianova has been around for many years, since the early 90s, and yet, it seems, only have been reviewed once on these pages, in Vital Weekly 528. In 2007 the group toured in Germany, France and Italy, and a year a limited CDR was released from this tour. Asianova is a four-piece in which finds legendary home taper Ure Thrall (mellotron, percussions, loops, voice, electronics), and the duo that makes up Voice Of Eye, Bonnie McNairn (voice, flutes, electronics) and Jim Wilson (guitar, electronics). In the early days, Asianova only recorded at home and never did any concerts, and effectively
was on a hiatus after the mid-90s. They play what they call a stream-of-consciousness sound, anti-composition, and if you know Voice Of Eye's music, then you know where to place Asianova as well. Don't let that Peter Frampton-type title think this is some heavy-duty music, far from it. This is as psychedelic as they come. There might be no composition, and all improvised, but through the long lines of delay pedals, reverb, chorus and what have you, the music here is a long spacious drift. Head or tail, beginning or end, are irrelevant notions for this group. Loopers deliver a guarantee of a continuous sound, and the wordless chanting may have a slightly (or, to some) heavily hippie taste (you can almost smell the incense), but that is part and parcel of the music. I am unsure how the whole improvisation works for them, as only two of the eight pieces are called 'live improvisation', which implies the other six are, perhaps, planned. However, these pieces flow into each other, making
up for seventy spacious minutes of music. There was a time when I thought this type of 'free flow ambient' music was a bit too hippy-dippy for me, but these days I am pretty in favour of such things. Especially when they hit a few cans and get the percussive bits out, things move and roll, and that's excellent. Think zoviet*france or Rapoon, but then sparser and spacier." [FdW / Vital Weekly]