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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
anfangsrusiwuthsnull / zweiwenigerdreizehnb 5" Licht-Ung very first LICHT-UNG release, the most "anti" & weird you can go: a 5" vinyl & mCDR fixed together in a cardboard-folder with no real info, a weird german inlay "Verehrter Tanzfreund" copied from the 50's maybe, all placed in a used german "Schlager" 7"-cover together with the original record (all different). The music: cut up & feedbacks! Great unwieldy release, more an object for itself, edition of 489 copies 2002 €7.00
Die Weie 10 Licht-Ung very early LICHT-UNG vinyl release lim. 110 copies; comes in totally white design (white vinyl, white inlay, white cover); extreme noise sounds, last copies 2003 €10.00
Nora 7 Licht-Ung first LICHT-UNG 7", lim. 220 with photo-cover 2003 €5.00
Gieb Fahrt! mCD-R Tosom XS-003 mini-DVD-box with colour inlays, numb. ed. of 150 copies, incl. video-track 2007 €7.50
Kristall 7 Drone Records DR-86 lim. 300 handmade cover / blue-black vinyl 2007 €7.00