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LICHT-UNG - Gieb Fahrt!

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Tosom XS-003
Release Year: 2007
Note: mini-DVD-box with colour inlays, numb. ed. of 150 copies, incl. video-track
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.50

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3" CDR, 1 TRACK, 1 VIDEOFILE, 12 MINUTES. LIMITED AND NUMBERED EDITION OF 150 COPIES. MINI DVD BOX WITH 2 INLAYS. licht-ung, a art (lyrics, pictures, etc.) and sound project from Germany. The name stands always for his very own art. Strange, peculiar, dadaistic. licht-ung have several releases on his own label, some are splits with artists like Government Alpha, Stilluppsteypa, Aube. There is also a 7" on Drone Records, that shows the lower side.
This TOSOM release contains a 12 minute piece, in the best japanese Noise tradition. Very harsh, very intensive, very loud. The second track is a short video file for your PC.
lichtlaterne. wenn der regen nebens cafe faellt. und jemand spaziert. einen brief schreibt, und geburtstag hat. endlich, finalmente, sind wir drin. wir koennen tanzen, klettern, sehen den fluЯ. seine schiffe.
auch fuer sie scheint eine ampel. die post spart hilfe die ganze nacht lang auf. waere sie nicht gewesen, haette viel dort bleiben muessen, denn wir koennen nicht alles behalten. wir konnten nie alles loslassen. nur alles haben wir verloren. die maserung bleibt wie eine spur in der tuer. in einem anderen land. Du lebst." [label info]

"... So Johannes is to contemporary noise what Da Vinci was to the renaissance? The 3inch has a strange short video of 6 seconds and a 12 or so minute harsh noise work which mixes harsh rumble with high pitched feedback. The noise piece is competent to the point of a total refinement of what harsh noise should be, and that's praise not criticism, it winds and weaves through a sonic landscape at times quixotically so much so that the piece IMO could have been longer - but it pays to leave your audience wanting more - which I do (though not sprouts!)." [Jliat / Vital Weekly]

label: www.tosom.de