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Y CREATE - Madadayo

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: EE Tapes EE04
Release Year: 2004
Note: lim. 325 copies / 7" cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Y CREATE ist ein neuer Name auf EE TAPES, das Projekt aus NL ist aber schon seit vielen Jahren aktiv. Auf MADADAYO sind 8 lange Stcke mit perkussivem, melancholischem ambient Industrial enthalten - getragene Stimmung verbreitend mit Synths & schwermtige Samples, die nach Trennung und Trauer klingen..

After years of silence, Hessel Veldman, main person behind the legendary 70-80ies label Exart from Holland returns with astonishing new solo work! So you probably ask: Y Create? I didn't ask this question, as I knew Y Create was the solo project by one Hessel Veldman, from IJmuiden, The Netherlands. In the days when I was a little boy, he was the main man for experimental and electronic in The Netherlands and he ran Exart Tapes, worked with Willem de Ridder in FNTC (with a release on Staalplaat) and contributed a track to the very first cassette I released (also as Y Create, but with Gert-Jan Prins on percussion. With Prins he also was in a band called Gorgonzola Legs. Somewhere in the earlyb nineties I lost contact with him and he went on to do other things. But he's back, with Y Create and his old passion for radio plays. The recordings on 'Madadayo' were recorded between 1979 and 2002 and remixed in 2002-2003 for this release. Y Create uses the full eighty minutes a CD can offer to play his music, but with only eight tracks, you can imagine they are lenghty affairs. Y Create's pieces usually start out with a piece of drones, with lots of small variations in the EQ-ing, and percussion comes in. The percussive bits move around constantly in the background, being fed through an enormous amount of delay and reverb lines and in some case even develop into a banging rhythm with hints of techno. All of these eight pieces have a great ambient feel to them, but Y Create is pushing the boundaries a little bit more and things are just a bit more adventurous here. Great come-back album. [Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly]