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LILES, ANDREW - All Closed Doors

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Infraction INFX006
Release Year: 2003
Note: back in stock this very early LILES album (the 2nd properly pressed CD it seems), this evokes an eerie darkness with the use of melancholic piano tunes, etc... a surrealistic, day-dreamy atmosphere.....
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New work of this British bizarre-ambience composer, who is still to discover! This evokes an eerie darkness, with melancholic piano tunes, as a whole a surrealistic, day-dreamy atmosphere..

With a title such as Largactil and Dilaudin for the Soul this newest release from British composer Andrew Liles should give an indication of the eccentricies from where this recording is coming from. One track of stark resonating piano followed by the slow warming of the orchestra that draws you in. Once there, it tip toes, echoes and dissolves with each track re-emerging more fractured than the next. Intricacies of creaks, dull thuds, traditional instrumentation and then subtle ambient drones. All Closed Doors could be the aural equivalent of living in a disused cupboard; dusty and empty - dark and damp. Perhaps the definitive song on the album, 'What Never Will Be' is a bizarre ghostly version of the 'que sera sera'. Edition of 500 copies. [label info]