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RE-DRUM - Eclipse

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACR 1030
Release Year: 2013
Note: surrealistic & dreamy, soft feedbacking ghost-ambience by from Russia, using hypnotizing, entrancing voices & field recordings along with metallic sounding instrumental samples & slowly swirling electronics... 4 long pieces - 53+ min, comes in nice transparent plastic box with coloured paper-cover => impressive album of entrancing otherwordly atmospheres, to discover !
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More Info

"ACR 1030: CD-R in plastic case and transparent paper sleeve

Re-Drum aka Russian artist Pavel Aleshin claims that his music sounds like a broken AM radio in the heart of a ghost city, and this album goes a long way to substantiating this claim. The sound quality is not at all broken, but very clear. Yet the slow drift of long, sustained electronic sounds reverberating in what could be imagined as empty passageways, certainly invokes a deserted nocturnal cityscape or, as one title claims, night in a dead Lunapark.
Contrary to what might be expected from these statements and also from Re-Drums earlier releases of deep drone/noise soundscapes, the music on eclipse does not have a particularly scary edge. It may convey a certain sense of yearning and melancholy, but the overall feel is one of warmth and calm contemplation. And there is indeed quite a lot to contemplate in these four compositions, all about 10 to 15 minutes long. While the music makes full use of the psychedelic potential of repetitive microtonal drones, in other layers of the composition there is also a lot of interplay going on between sampled acoustic instruments and undecipherable ambient noises. Great music for a state of wide-awake trance." [label info]