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ALTAIR TEMPLE / EXPO '70 - split

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Radar Swarm RSR022
Release Year: 2011
Note: promising drone-duo from Bordeaux, France, with three tracks on this split LP with EXPO70; a stunning mixture of cosmic drones & psychedelia... lim. 300 white vinyl
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

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"Justin Wrights Expo 70 is back, this time sharing vinyl space with French duo Altair Temple for a trip headlong into the bonged up psych-drone ether. On Wrights side weve got a jam from the same sessions as his righteous Death Voyage outing, and he sculpts swirling dark masses of sound with heavily effected guitar and Moog, sometimes underpinned by the steady pulse of an analog drum machine. Flip it and Altair Temple deal out some gently pulsing mid-end synth drone thats most relaxing and mystical-sounding, with subtle playful melodies right on the periphery to tease you deep into the hypnotic swells as it slowly builds and morphs. Its sending me into a right old trance. Both sides of this fine split provide some of the best in finely detailed drones for the connoisseur. Well worth investigating." [Mike/Norman Rec.]


"On the for me unknown Radar Swarm Records three releases. I had a hard time reading the track titles on the split LP. I don't understand fonts like this. Its a split, so I learn from the label's website of Expo 70 and Altaïr Temple. The first is Justin Wright, who plays guitar, analog drum machine and moog and his piece 'Land Of The Midnight Sun' spans the whole side. It sounds a bit like an ongoing jam, but it does sound coherent. Slow drums, spacious guitar sounds, fine use of the moog. It slowly evolves and expands into the darker realms of psychedelic music. The other side has three pieces by Altaïr Temple, a duo of Fred (guitar, effects, synth) and Johan (analog synths, computer and audiomulch). Three excellent pieces of drone music that is quite synth/effect heavy, more than being based on the guitar sound. I was remembered of some of the old Windy & Carl stuff here. Quite static in approach, but with gentle melodies meandering just below the surface. Quite dark, but never unsettling, this is some fine mood music. Tow new names, for me, and both are quite good." [FdW/Vital Weekly]