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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum ZOHAR 007-2
Release Year: 2009
Note: sacral / mystic drone-ambience, sounding like an array of wind-instruments played for a ceremony; really great & captivating stuff !
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"An excellent piece of work by Pavel Aleshin whose drone soundscapes were released by Oophoi's record label Umbra and Slovakia-based Black Orchid Productions. The album explores the area of sacral and infinite, hence the title. S can be seen as the symbol of them.

Re-Drum was founded in 2002 by Pavel Aleshin. The sound of Re-Drum varies from deep drone/noise soundscapes on the first albums to light, warm, even melodic textures in the last works.

For fans of Robert Rich, Lustmord, Troum, Maeror Tri, Lull, Yen Pox

'Fragments of the Faith Forgotten' MC 2003 (Black Orchid Productions)
'In the Shadow' CDR 2004 (Black Orchid Productions)
"_" CDR 2005 (Black Orchid Productions)
'Four Whispers for the Bees' CDR 2005 (Umbra)
'Inhalation' CDR split with Rattus 2008 (Black Orchid Productions / Minorlabel / Ambsine)
'S' CD 2009 (Zoharum)" [label info]