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Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: Dungeon Taxis 04
Release Year: 2009
Note: lim. 150 copies, silk-screened covers, import from New Zealand
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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Neuseelndische Mikro-Auflage von einer 7" mit "ESO STEEL" Richard Francis. Seite A zeigt ihn mit CLINTON WATKINS und das ist wirklich paradoxer "sanfter harsh noise" was die beiden machen.. es ist Noise auf einer anderen Ebene ! ADAM WILLETS noised anders, knarzend-flatterig und seltsam therisch abgehoben. Zwei super Noise-Drones !

"Emulsified dunes and slowmo mistrals committed to 7 inches of confinement somewhere in I Zwicky 18 by the antipodal trinity of the
mind-fucking club: CMR zone-clerk Richard Francis, Whitebass' Clinton Watkins and Saturn's Adam Willetts. Probably written in
161011. First side blasts in with the sand-drinking mug-shot Francis/Watkins Hydrahead, conducting light-year syncopations,
cryptozoological moshpits and gale enemy forces through the doorway of your featherweight stucco homes. Flipside captures the carbonated
mind of Adam Willetts in the same place Anakin Skywalker must have been in just before he waltzed over to the shadier side of synapse- shredding psychedelic pop music. Deep-as-Hell Rotella decollages from made-up worlds where this stuff grows everywhere. On Earth it's
cryptobotanical. Hydrophonic Dagobah loops, bottom-end data obliteration, and general all-round friendship termination.
7" Vinyl. 150 Copies." [label info]