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LILES, ANDREW - Aural Anagram

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Macrophonies Org. mac015
Release Year: 2003
Note: back in stock this early LILES album
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"Neues Album des surrealen Briten, der sich hier dem bizarr-erotischen Werke HANS BELLMERS verschrieben hat, und Frauenstimmen collagiert und verfremdet in spannungsgeladene Kompositionen einbaut.." [Drone Rec info 2003]

This CD was first conceived in 2000 and has taken just under 3 years to record, collate and produce. The recording is based on the erotic works, ideas and obsessions of the artist Hans Bellmer (1902-1975) and is centred around the theme of 'the body as an anagram'.
It features the voices of 18 women, a number of whom have supplied Japanese and Russian translations of some of the core text. 7 of the 9 songs have been constructed, developed and titled after specific Bellmer drawings. The main premise of the recording is to create a restrained yet noticeably unnerving experience through which to view Bellmer's work. To carry the listener to a realm of surrealist eroticism, using bizarre verbal and musical anagrams and arrangements. Razor sharp editing, subtle clicks and snaps, strange resonance's, fragile peculiar melodies, hesitant and sometimes eloquent voices give this CD a unique quality that makes it difficult to bracket into any genre. [press release]