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Rote Fuhr [N41] LP Denovali Records DEN 241 recorded live in Dortmund, Germany, in May 2014, 'Rote Fuhr' raises quite massive multi-layered Ur-Drones, moving from pure resonances & overtunes to endless noise-drone fields... "a symphony of brutal beauty".. lim. 100 2015 €27.50
Anklam [N43] LP Denovali Records DEN 264 ANKLAM is the 43th release by N (counting everything released, also split albums and single tracks), and contains three tracks where the use of distortion, chorus and hissing goes to the extreme, the wonderful first track 'Daemmerung' operates completely on the border between yearningful guitar polyharmonies, noise and silence, and creates an atmosphere which is pretty unique... all is recorded direct to two-track via guitar & amp, evolving naturally.. lim. 100 2016 €27.50