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N [XX] (HELLMUT NEIDHARDT) - Rote Fuhr [N41]

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Denovali Records DEN 241
Release Year: 2015
Note: recorded live in Dortmund, Germany, in May 2014, 'Rote Fuhr' raises quite massive multi-layered Ur-Drones, moving from pure resonances & overtunes to endless noise-drone fields... "a symphony of brutal beauty".. lim. 100
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"N is the moniker of Dortmund-based German experimental guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt. September 2015 marks the release of a new solo record and a collaboration album, N(41) Rote Fuhr and N(42) + Dirk Serries Kehr.

Rote Fuhr is special. Musically it finally brings together the more noise orientated approach of Saarn and Heven with the deep droning of records like Prora (empiric records), Goor and Oie Kirr (both: Denovali). Also using white noise in a musically way, like a cold storm breaking loose, whiping away everything around and pushing it into abyssial, dark and glowing drones. With a destroyed arpeggio slicing some parts of Rote Fuhr, with a stacking of layers between noise and organ-like drones, all stenched together with micro-melodies to a symphony of brutal beauty.
Coda: this record mainly transports anger. An anger felt during a short tour of N with his labelmates Petrels and Talvihorros during a very dissappointing showcase in front (or better: not really in front) of some really ingnorant people. The next night made Hellmut instantly quit the intended setlist and let the anger run through the amps. And so finally finding a home for some motifs being played live since 2011... In a way they were never played before. ... Hellmut was very angry that evening, but very happy with this result. And just to be sure: this is a live-record. Recorded at Schlegels / Dortmund / Germany by Andreas Brinke as the recording engineer." [label info]